Sonya’s coaching primarily addresses cause, not symptom, thereby achieving sustainable results.



Sonya believes that great coaching should look and feel very much the same regardless of the profession, or professional status, of the client. Why? Because she coaches to the human essence, the holistic being of the person, rather than their status in the world. Sonya’s coaching primarily addresses cause, not symptom, thereby achieving sustainable results.

Sonya Nicol Coaching offers a free, no obligation, one-hour consultation.  This is an opportunity for you to get a feel for what to expect.

Limited numbers
I limit the number of clients on my books so I’m able to give you my full attention and support throughout the coaching process. Contact me to book an available time.

No hidden costs
My coaching works with the philosophy that honesty, integrity, fun and professionalism are vital. If for any reason coaching is not the right fit for you, I will call it.  I won’t try to sell you add on products such as books, software or seminars. There are no hidden costs. My life coach fees as published below are all you pay, and include follow up emails sent to you after each session, and my availability and support between sessions. All prices below are exclusive of GST. As an experienced coach, I am committed to providing you the very best coaching available and to have you thrilled with the return on your investment. I offer payment options by request as well as offering a limited number of scholarship partnerships annually.

My Coaching Services

Eyes Open Empowerment - 12 weeks

A one-on-one coaching partnership with 24/7 weekly support and 12 face-to-face meetings.


Life Direction (past clients only)

Monthly accountability to keep the momentum going.
Option 1: ad lib - $250/month
Option 2: 12-month commitment $190/month

Eyes Open Total Success - 24 weeks

A one-on-one coaching partnership with 24/7 weekly support and a minimum of 24 face-to-face meetings, embedding all the learnings of the 12 weeks.


Life Re-Fresh

4-6 weeks to work on specific needs, this is personalised to your specific needs.


Life Relationships - Options

Couples: 8 sessions - 4 together & 2 each on your own - $2000
 Professionals: 6 sessions - 2 together & 2 each on your own - $POA
Personalised options Available - $POA

Life Express - single focus situation

We will work together on a specific focus area: Goal Setting, Self Confidence, Creating Positive Environments... 

What to expect from 12 and 24 week programs:

Empowerment and Total Success Packages

You will gain self-motivation and inspiration, while uncovering any limiting beliefs and fears you have gained throughout your life. We will work together on developing  higher self-esteem, self-worth, self-belief and attitude. You will have an understanding of why you tick the way you do and the ways to choose the life you want. We work on silencing the nasty inner critic voice that holds you back from achieving and living the life you want.

You will have sessions around Goal Setting with success in achieving these goals. You will also develop a path to better relationships (personal and professional). Identifying and addressing problems with marriage, children or parents. We can also address professional life problems with staff issues, customer relations, colleagues and how to work on these.

You will develop your own personal: Vision, Mission, Purpose and Core Values. We develop a supportive partnership as you try something new, I am there 24/7 to support you on this journey. You will develop the ability to sustainably change and transform any area of your life and gain clarity around areas in your life that are clouded. You will discover your passion and work out what you want from life, believing that anything is possible.

This is all achievable for anyone committed to what they want. You will learn and believe that you can have it all and the cherry on top.

Life Relationship Packages

Who doesn’t want outstanding relationships?  If we are interacting with another person, we are in an ‘relationship’ of some description.
No matter if its problems or issues you are having with an intimate partner, business colleague or family member we can work out the details in this coaching partnership to ensure it’s the type of relationship you want.  And if your relationships are okey but you want them better, coaching with the Life Relationships options will definitely support that.
You will have some sessions individually and some sessions together.  From these sessions you will learn about expectations, boundaries, love languages, personality types and what it is to listen to the other party in their greatness.

These are relationship packages that gets results.


COACHING: Frequently Asked Questions

Have another question? Contact me for answers to your questions! - Sonya

What my clients are saying...

Sonya is a no fuss, take no nonsense coach. You can trust her and you will get what you need in each session as she goes with her intuition when she coaches. She is one of those truly amazing human beings. Thank you! Xox

— UH: June 2020

Loved my 12 week course with Sonya. I feel so different now and my outlook on everything I come across has changed so much. I love knowing you are there and care and its awesome to have that "go to" person. Sonya's approach is brilliant and I loved it. The coaching is great and carried out in such a way that it is so enjoyable and rewarding. Thanks Sonya for giving me the guidance and support to follow my dreams.

— KC: October 2019

"I had the pleasure of meeting beautiful Sonya on Zoom in 2019 as I am located in Australia. I was given her details from a friend who just raved about how amazing she was and I was so excited to get started. I was going through a fairly rough period in my life and wasn’t really sure where to turn and I am so glad I found Sonya. From day one, Sonya felt like the perfect mix between a coach and a confidant... someone you could confide absolutely anything in but would pull you up if you needed it. She was exactly what I needed and I am so glad to say that not only do I have an amazing life coach, but I now have a lifelong friend. I will be forever grateful for you Sonya!”

— Clare: May 2021

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