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Why Sonya?

Sonya’s attentiveness, unwavering belief in your capacity for change, and her pragmaticism sets her apart. Her approach is no airy-fairy meander down memory-lane.   With her sassy and energetic personality, she invigorates and inspires her clients to take themselves from where they are at right now, to miraculous places they thought they’d never be able to get to.

Love your place in the world! - Sonya

Sonya Nicol

Coach & Celebrant

Personal Coaching

One-on-one coaching from a choice of programmes best suited your personal or professional development and goals.

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Relationship Coaching

We offer personal and professional relationship coaching. Who doesn't want outstanding relationships?

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Bold, Beautiful and Bespoke Civil Unions and Marriages from a Celebrant with a unique and personal touch.

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Are You Ready To Take The Next Step?

Contact Sonya for your Free One Hour Consultation. This is an opportunity for you to get a feel for what to expect.

“Oh my Lord ……. Sonya Nicol is the best of the best.  Blonde hair and a beautiful smile … we went from a funeral to a wedding and I couldn’t have done it without her … Thank you from the bottom of my heart. As a TV producer, I couldn’t have organised anything better and been with such a wonderful human. Thank you Sonya xxx Nga mihi”

Simon & Renee

Sonya, You are a star. Thank you so much for being the celebrant for our wedding. It was an honour and privilege to have you being such a huge part of our ceremony…

Monty & Claire


Sonya is a no fuss, take no nonsense coach. You can trust her and you will get what you need in each session as she goes with her intuition when she coaches. She is one of those truly amazing human beings. Thank you! XOX



Loved my 12 week course with Sonya. I feel so different now and my outlook on everything I come across has changed so much. I love knowing you are there and care and its awesome to have that "go to" person. Sonya's approach is brilliant and I loved it. The coaching is great and carried out in such a way that it is so enjoyable and rewarding. Thanks Sonya for giving me the guidance and support to follow my dreams.



18 months ago, I found myself in a transition stage of life which left me in an uncomfortable place with so many unknowns and so may decisions to make. I felt tense, shaken and anxious about how I was reacting to situations. I realised I was closed when it came to talking about these insecurity's and did not want to put myself in a place of judgement or concern from others around me.

I made the call to seek help, whether it was counselling, consulting or a life coach and my first point of call was Sonya.

I had known Sonya through networking. As I had been to counselling prior, I knew I wanted a different approach this time and I'm so glad I did. Over the last 18 months, I have learnt to be true to myself, my goals and decided on my happiness. I have grown as a person, become even more confident in situations and feel comfortable in life not as focused on the anxieties that I was before. Sonya helped me learn the use of certain tools that I will continue to use for the rest of my life to ensure happiness is at my fingertips.

I absolutely loved Sonyas course and would recommend it to anyone looking to better themselves, willing to invest in themselves or that just knows they need a little more happiness around them.

Today I am 10/10 Sonya!



"I had the pleasure of meeting beautiful Sonya on Zoom in 2019 as I am located in Australia. I was given her details from a friend who just raved about how amazing she was and I was so excited to get started. I was going through a fairly rough period in my life and wasn’t really sure where to turn and I am so glad I found Sonya. From day one, Sonya felt like the perfect mix between a coach and a confidant... someone you could confide absolutely anything in but would pull you up if you needed it. She was exactly what I needed and I am so glad to say that not only do I have an amazing life coach, but I now have a lifelong friend. I will be forever grateful for you Sonya!”


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